Kamis, 06 Februari 2014

Wikibot, the best way to query Wikipedia from your iPhone

Operators and manufacturers maintain a constant struggle to surprise the user and bringing to market the best applications. Wikipedia and Apple already have their own. Dare you discover?

The popular online encyclopedia and one of the portals accessed by Internet users have joined forces and means to reach all Apple devices. We talked about Wikibot, an application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch developed to facilitate information searches on Wikipedia.

Consult any of the films of a film director, dates of historical events, the definitions of unknown words or solve other questions much easier and convenient with this utility, available in 36 languages.

Advantages of Wikibot

It seems that this new service technology has made very good taste, something that has been touched significantly among users of Apple brand. The application allows, through the introduction of a key word, access information requested after performing the search for a quick and concise. For best viewing, Wikibot provides access to information in several tabs, create a history to save searches or save articles to read offline mode although no Internet connection available.

It also offers the ability to create folders to sort the pages of most interest to the user, and change the font type and size for a quick read.

But Apple never fails to impress, here not just all its qualities, as this utility can also synchronize and archive data history to infinity in the cloud via iCloud. Thus, the person can access the information through all electronic devices simultaneously.

The cost of the application is one of its main attractions: for only 2.39 euros and through iTunes (online store Mac device applications), the internet has all the knowledge in the palm of your hand through a single click. However, besides being inexpensive, a portion of the proceeds of your download will go to the nonprofit foundation Wikimedia, as argued by the company responsible for developing the service, so also allows the contribution to a good cause.

Unstoppable growth of apps

The telecom market is established as a mature field in which service providers are continually evolving. With increasing sales of smartphones, the popularity of applications is also growing. Proof of this are the numbers off recent studies indicating that users end phones have an average 17 apps on your electronic devices.

Do not hold back and join the fashion mobile applications!

Buy through internet safely

Just as we care about preserving the key card in the ATM when management takes place, or in the shops data phones time to pay, so we proceed when we make purchases online. Remember to be very careful with the data you provide via the network.

Safety first. It is the key to e-commerce or e-commerce (for its acronym in English), increasingly assumed by internet users. Its importance lies in the network of networks opens up a world of possibilities for trade and economic transactions which can handle almost anything. Buy any product, pay taxes, booking tickets for concerts and shows, make bank transfers … Current technology makes it possible. Companies, organizations and Internet exploiting their advantages. Of course, supply and demand must always exist invulnerability.

The convenience of accessing all to hit “click” quickly and at any time results in an increase in e-commerce fans year after year. One of the data published in a recent Eurobarometer survey says that 53% of Internet users state that buying goods or services online, 48% make online banking and 20% sell goods or services.

Secure shopping, pay with confidence

If we lose our card or a “friend of the alien” is made with our money (electronic or metallic) we know that the first measure passed by nullifying or make a complaint to resolve the problem.

The confidence with which is often used credit card of fitness decline at the computer. This situation is reflected in the figures already mentioned Eurobarometer indicates that 29% of respondents (from a total of 27,000 European people) do not trust your ability to use the Internet in areas such as online banking or shopping online .

The percentage leaves no doubt though that improves and strengthens online security such as secure web systems (those that begin with https:), the virtual POS terminal (virtual POS), payment gateways, or PayPal, among others. They all have something in common: making online transactions are conducted safely, especially among our bank or savings and online shop we use.

To be effective, these systems are required to preserve the privacy of the data, ie prevent someone from accessing unauthorized information. Also authenticate the identity of the parties (which really are who they claim to be) and to complete the transaction by checking their digital signatures, for example. And last, not least, that the information provided is not modified from the source to the recipient, that is, if you have purchased a product or a service that charged to the account number matches the one.

Payment Systems

There are different ways to make payments on purchases in online stores. From the traditional (and almost obsolete) cash on delivery, through the direct debit, prepaid smart cards, virtual credit cards, to electronic intermediaries. Want to find out what are the payment gateways and “Cybercash Wallet” with Paypal to mind?

If you want to make a payment by credit card, in much the same way that we operate with a physical, you can use what is known as online payment gateway, virtual POS or secure payment platform. Through this system, the seller sends the transaction to the bank or receptors, which are brought into contact with the issuer to give the nod to the operation. If validated, we proceed to make the transfer.

Paypal is the system that best defines the Cybercash Wallet and exercises as an intermediary so that the seller does not see the data on the card or the buyer. And all this using an internet account.

Be by any system or platform, remember that to effect any transaction must follow a few basic tips: use safe methods, not the transaction from a computer you can access us outsiders (such as a cafe, for example) , use secure pages (https) and websites to ensure maximum safety … you know, better safe than sorry.

How to choose a TV with 3D technology?

First was the passage of the classic television flat screen tube. Now we see in two dimensions to three. All manufacturers are betting hard by a technology that enters gradually, on televisions of many homes. Do you know everything that brings 3D?

The looming crisis in the film industry has allowed the 3D is current. The shooting of several successful films with this technology has enabled the “rush” to have a TV that reproduces images in three dimensions is triggered.

Some experts say openly that those who buy a TV today without this technology is becoming obsolete apparatus. No technology, no future.

What is clear is that many times we do not step to change our TV due to the economic cost that this entails. Although prices have fallen sharply, the possibility of financing the product and pay in easy installments is always available with a loan according to our needs.

How much does a TV with 3D technology?

The average price of a 3D enabled TV is between 1,800 and 2,400 euros. They come with different features and sizes. Generally, the size of the screens that incorporate this technology demanded move between 37 and las50 inches. Still, there are exceptions.

How do I see 3D movies at home?

TV needs to incorporate three-dimensional technology, but we should also have a Blu-Ray device. There is no possibility of an upgrade to our TV if it does not have 3D technology.

Why this vision? The technique used to watch TV in three dimensions is very simple and is based on stereoscopic vision. And is that the separation between our eyes -6 or 7 centimeters, we can see the same object from two different angles, resulting in a unique sense of depth.

What other details I can facilitate the decision to purchase a TV with 3D technology?

Many also incorporate a system that allows Wi-Fi Internet access from the TV itself, and use email and social networking access. By connecting to the Internet can view streaming series, which would otherwise have to do on the computer.

Short Supply??

Some people get hit with this technology and portend significant changes in TVs. This indicates that critical sector are very limited possibilities for viewing in three dimensions and that most conventional chains do not allow you to enjoy this technology.

The truth is that many of the brands that sell televisions 3D technology allow today, see all the channels in a different way to what we were used to.

The 3D without glasses is a reality

Three-dimensional technology is applied in LCD televisions have Plasma or LED lighting. Until now, the use of polarized glasses to watch 3D TV was necessary. Not anymore. Although still not emerging in the market, the fact is that it is a step in front of the houses that sell this technology built-in TVs.

iCloud, the content you want on all your devices

Share your music, photos, documents, and update them on your devices wirelessly. Still do not know what is iCloud? If you have not heard of this term is because you are among the millions of fans of the Apple company.

For the clueless, the iCloud is a service that allows you to save and automatically sync any type of file (documents, photos, books, music …) for all devices in the Apple brand. Thus, if I download a song on my iPhone, I have also instantly available on my iPad or on my Mac, and it is not necessary to move the song to different gadgets, as it is wireless and updating occurs so mechanics.

Keep updated and synced emails, calendar, contacts, calendar, reminders, notes, tasks or lists is another of its attractive features. It also provides automatic backups in “the cloud” (Apple’s servers) for all iOS devices.

Initial storage capacity is 5 GB. Although this volume of content is completely free, you can increase it by paying an annual fee that varies depending on what you wish to purchase (10GB for 16 euros per year, 20 GB for 32 euros or 50GB for 80 euros).

What should I do to use iCloud?

To start using this service, it is essential to have an Apple ID, and well managed from the iCloud page appropriate permissions for each device (iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc). The first step is to have all upgraded appliances. Next, we must create an account following the instructions in shaping our iOS device or Mac

In short, iCloud is the easiest and most convenient way to access all the information you want anywhere, anytime. Now we just have to wait to the next bright idea to Apple

Funding the purchase of a new computer

If you’re considering buying a new computer or renew an existing one recommend consulting all funding opportunities offered by agencies and organizations such as banks or ministries, as there are aids that may help regarding pay in easy installments.

Today, the importance of the so-called ‘information society’ and, consequently, the need to be close to the new technologies (ICT) are a fact. So much so, that the computer has become an almost essential tool of our daily lives, in labor, in academia and even in leisure time.

If your computer crashed or simply is outdated, you should know that there are numerous companies that offer attractive financing for the purchase of computer equipment and Internet access.

On many occasions, is a major financial effort to address the disbursement requires the purchase of a computer, especially laptops, whose number far exceeds sales to desktop computers. Therefore, it is advisable to know that there are aid for the acquisition of the same, thanks to affordable loans that are characterized by the ability to pay in easy installments and have low interest rates and commitment fees, which are around 2.5%. The deadline for the return varies from 6 to 12 months, although being under 35 years old or be enrolled in a university, there is an extension.

The so-called ‘Digital Citizenship Loan’, part of the Plan Avanza and promoted by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, is one of the most beneficial initiatives for the renewal of computer equipment and broadband connection.

And, thanks to the Official Credit Institute (ICO) and the collaboration agreements with certain entities can obtain a loan with no origination fees, no prepayment penalties and the 0% interest. The ICO finances 100% of the purchase (including VAT) up to a maximum of $ 3,000, where besides the computer and connection, you can add software, antivirus or electronic card reader.

Thus, you no longer need to save for months, because the solution is to hire a small loan to finance the purchase of the computer that you desire, endowed with the most advanced technology.

The online credit fraud

Internet has opened a world of possibilities that facilitates our life, but also has sharpened the ingenuity of those involved to scams. The most common affect banking or shopping on line, so that financial institutions have increased security cracking down on scammers. They are now turning to the user with various techniques.

To move safely through the network is necessary to distinguish the authentic from the fake websites, ensuring they have a clear contact, phone number and address. A safer option is to write directly to the web address (URL) instead of accessing the site through a link.
For credit card payments, or other operations, it is recommended that your browser is up to date with security protocols and visited pages are SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol (Secure Electronic Commerce), which ensures data confidentiality Internet.
If it is important to protect, so is knowing the most common scams. The classic, called Phishing involves sending mails by taking the identity of the bank and asking the user data and passwords to their accounts.
The Pharmacing is one of the most used. It is a virus that manipulates the addresses of websites you visit the surfer. When he goes to one of them inadvertently accesses a false and enter the data that are recorded by the thief. To avoid it you have a good antivirus and firewall effective.
The same measures used to combat keyloggers. It is a program that records and stores everything the user types and stored on your computer. Later, the thief accesses a hidden file where you have stored all the information.
If you are a victim of a scam on line have to give some to the bank to block the accounts and transfers, report it to the police, ask the entity to replace the amount stolen, and if you do not send a letter to the attention to customer and claims service from the Bank.

Insurance against theft or loss

Before insurance for our new computer or mobile phone we must ensure that cases are subject to payment of compensation. It is common for when buying an appliance, buy a computer or smartphone offer us the opportunity to purchase optional insurance to cover the amount of the product in case of theft or breakage.

Before you say yes or no insurance is important to know the details. In this way we will not regret if our brand new iPhone just under the wheels of the car or away from our bag at the airport.

Keep in mind that just because you make a purchase and have basic safeguards established by law and at other times, although we do not know, the fact of making a purchase with a certain bank card also protects us under certain circumstances . Sometimes products purchased are automatically linked to home insurance, you can get to protect us in certain cases.

Therefore, before making a decision must meet certain conditions to recruit and verify that really expand the coverage you already have. So little advisable is to refuse to buy insurance without knowing what covers us like say yes first by “fear”. Finally, we must consider the cost of the policy and found to be proportional to the cost of the apparatus.

Conditions of insurance

In these cases there is an optional insurance that protects the assets acquired through credit card payment system revolving-credit system responsible for allowing us to pay for purchases made with our credit card with a fixed monthly fee.

This insurance covers, within 90 days of purchase, costs of repair or replacement in case of theft, robbery, breakage or deterioration of the goods purchased with the credit card signed. This coverage has a limit of € 1,202.02, applied to a claim a year, so if we acquire a more expensive product we prove beneficial.

In case of theft, we must immediately lodge a complaint, which must be present in order to collect the amount. Similarly, in case of damage, it is mandatory notify us within 15 days.

We should note that this insurance is not valid in case of sale of the product insured, ie, whether acquired second hand one securely as if we sell it, we can not claim the safe execution.