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Insurance against theft or loss

Before insurance for our new computer or mobile phone we must ensure that cases are subject to payment of compensation. It is common for when buying an appliance, buy a computer or smartphone offer us the opportunity to purchase optional insurance to cover the amount of the product in case of theft or breakage.

Before you say yes or no insurance is important to know the details. In this way we will not regret if our brand new iPhone just under the wheels of the car or away from our bag at the airport.

Keep in mind that just because you make a purchase and have basic safeguards established by law and at other times, although we do not know, the fact of making a purchase with a certain bank card also protects us under certain circumstances . Sometimes products purchased are automatically linked to home insurance, you can get to protect us in certain cases.

Therefore, before making a decision must meet certain conditions to recruit and verify that really expand the coverage you already have. So little advisable is to refuse to buy insurance without knowing what covers us like say yes first by “fear”. Finally, we must consider the cost of the policy and found to be proportional to the cost of the apparatus.

Conditions of insurance

In these cases there is an optional insurance that protects the assets acquired through credit card payment system revolving-credit system responsible for allowing us to pay for purchases made with our credit card with a fixed monthly fee.

This insurance covers, within 90 days of purchase, costs of repair or replacement in case of theft, robbery, breakage or deterioration of the goods purchased with the credit card signed. This coverage has a limit of € 1,202.02, applied to a claim a year, so if we acquire a more expensive product we prove beneficial.

In case of theft, we must immediately lodge a complaint, which must be present in order to collect the amount. Similarly, in case of damage, it is mandatory notify us within 15 days.

We should note that this insurance is not valid in case of sale of the product insured, ie, whether acquired second hand one securely as if we sell it, we can not claim the safe execution.

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