Kamis, 06 Februari 2014

Wikibot, the best way to query Wikipedia from your iPhone

Operators and manufacturers maintain a constant struggle to surprise the user and bringing to market the best applications. Wikipedia and Apple already have their own. Dare you discover?

The popular online encyclopedia and one of the portals accessed by Internet users have joined forces and means to reach all Apple devices. We talked about Wikibot, an application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch developed to facilitate information searches on Wikipedia.

Consult any of the films of a film director, dates of historical events, the definitions of unknown words or solve other questions much easier and convenient with this utility, available in 36 languages.

Advantages of Wikibot

It seems that this new service technology has made very good taste, something that has been touched significantly among users of Apple brand. The application allows, through the introduction of a key word, access information requested after performing the search for a quick and concise. For best viewing, Wikibot provides access to information in several tabs, create a history to save searches or save articles to read offline mode although no Internet connection available.

It also offers the ability to create folders to sort the pages of most interest to the user, and change the font type and size for a quick read.

But Apple never fails to impress, here not just all its qualities, as this utility can also synchronize and archive data history to infinity in the cloud via iCloud. Thus, the person can access the information through all electronic devices simultaneously.

The cost of the application is one of its main attractions: for only 2.39 euros and through iTunes (online store Mac device applications), the internet has all the knowledge in the palm of your hand through a single click. However, besides being inexpensive, a portion of the proceeds of your download will go to the nonprofit foundation Wikimedia, as argued by the company responsible for developing the service, so also allows the contribution to a good cause.

Unstoppable growth of apps

The telecom market is established as a mature field in which service providers are continually evolving. With increasing sales of smartphones, the popularity of applications is also growing. Proof of this are the numbers off recent studies indicating that users end phones have an average 17 apps on your electronic devices.

Do not hold back and join the fashion mobile applications!

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