Kamis, 06 Februari 2014

iCloud, the content you want on all your devices

Share your music, photos, documents, and update them on your devices wirelessly. Still do not know what is iCloud? If you have not heard of this term is because you are among the millions of fans of the Apple company.

For the clueless, the iCloud is a service that allows you to save and automatically sync any type of file (documents, photos, books, music …) for all devices in the Apple brand. Thus, if I download a song on my iPhone, I have also instantly available on my iPad or on my Mac, and it is not necessary to move the song to different gadgets, as it is wireless and updating occurs so mechanics.

Keep updated and synced emails, calendar, contacts, calendar, reminders, notes, tasks or lists is another of its attractive features. It also provides automatic backups in “the cloud” (Apple’s servers) for all iOS devices.

Initial storage capacity is 5 GB. Although this volume of content is completely free, you can increase it by paying an annual fee that varies depending on what you wish to purchase (10GB for 16 euros per year, 20 GB for 32 euros or 50GB for 80 euros).

What should I do to use iCloud?

To start using this service, it is essential to have an Apple ID, and well managed from the iCloud page appropriate permissions for each device (iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc). The first step is to have all upgraded appliances. Next, we must create an account following the instructions in shaping our iOS device or Mac

In short, iCloud is the easiest and most convenient way to access all the information you want anywhere, anytime. Now we just have to wait to the next bright idea to Apple

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