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Buy through internet safely

Just as we care about preserving the key card in the ATM when management takes place, or in the shops data phones time to pay, so we proceed when we make purchases online. Remember to be very careful with the data you provide via the network.

Safety first. It is the key to e-commerce or e-commerce (for its acronym in English), increasingly assumed by internet users. Its importance lies in the network of networks opens up a world of possibilities for trade and economic transactions which can handle almost anything. Buy any product, pay taxes, booking tickets for concerts and shows, make bank transfers … Current technology makes it possible. Companies, organizations and Internet exploiting their advantages. Of course, supply and demand must always exist invulnerability.

The convenience of accessing all to hit “click” quickly and at any time results in an increase in e-commerce fans year after year. One of the data published in a recent Eurobarometer survey says that 53% of Internet users state that buying goods or services online, 48% make online banking and 20% sell goods or services.

Secure shopping, pay with confidence

If we lose our card or a “friend of the alien” is made with our money (electronic or metallic) we know that the first measure passed by nullifying or make a complaint to resolve the problem.

The confidence with which is often used credit card of fitness decline at the computer. This situation is reflected in the figures already mentioned Eurobarometer indicates that 29% of respondents (from a total of 27,000 European people) do not trust your ability to use the Internet in areas such as online banking or shopping online .

The percentage leaves no doubt though that improves and strengthens online security such as secure web systems (those that begin with https:), the virtual POS terminal (virtual POS), payment gateways, or PayPal, among others. They all have something in common: making online transactions are conducted safely, especially among our bank or savings and online shop we use.

To be effective, these systems are required to preserve the privacy of the data, ie prevent someone from accessing unauthorized information. Also authenticate the identity of the parties (which really are who they claim to be) and to complete the transaction by checking their digital signatures, for example. And last, not least, that the information provided is not modified from the source to the recipient, that is, if you have purchased a product or a service that charged to the account number matches the one.

Payment Systems

There are different ways to make payments on purchases in online stores. From the traditional (and almost obsolete) cash on delivery, through the direct debit, prepaid smart cards, virtual credit cards, to electronic intermediaries. Want to find out what are the payment gateways and “Cybercash Wallet” with Paypal to mind?

If you want to make a payment by credit card, in much the same way that we operate with a physical, you can use what is known as online payment gateway, virtual POS or secure payment platform. Through this system, the seller sends the transaction to the bank or receptors, which are brought into contact with the issuer to give the nod to the operation. If validated, we proceed to make the transfer.

Paypal is the system that best defines the Cybercash Wallet and exercises as an intermediary so that the seller does not see the data on the card or the buyer. And all this using an internet account.

Be by any system or platform, remember that to effect any transaction must follow a few basic tips: use safe methods, not the transaction from a computer you can access us outsiders (such as a cafe, for example) , use secure pages (https) and websites to ensure maximum safety … you know, better safe than sorry.

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