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How to choose a TV with 3D technology?

First was the passage of the classic television flat screen tube. Now we see in two dimensions to three. All manufacturers are betting hard by a technology that enters gradually, on televisions of many homes. Do you know everything that brings 3D?

The looming crisis in the film industry has allowed the 3D is current. The shooting of several successful films with this technology has enabled the “rush” to have a TV that reproduces images in three dimensions is triggered.

Some experts say openly that those who buy a TV today without this technology is becoming obsolete apparatus. No technology, no future.

What is clear is that many times we do not step to change our TV due to the economic cost that this entails. Although prices have fallen sharply, the possibility of financing the product and pay in easy installments is always available with a loan according to our needs.

How much does a TV with 3D technology?

The average price of a 3D enabled TV is between 1,800 and 2,400 euros. They come with different features and sizes. Generally, the size of the screens that incorporate this technology demanded move between 37 and las50 inches. Still, there are exceptions.

How do I see 3D movies at home?

TV needs to incorporate three-dimensional technology, but we should also have a Blu-Ray device. There is no possibility of an upgrade to our TV if it does not have 3D technology.

Why this vision? The technique used to watch TV in three dimensions is very simple and is based on stereoscopic vision. And is that the separation between our eyes -6 or 7 centimeters, we can see the same object from two different angles, resulting in a unique sense of depth.

What other details I can facilitate the decision to purchase a TV with 3D technology?

Many also incorporate a system that allows Wi-Fi Internet access from the TV itself, and use email and social networking access. By connecting to the Internet can view streaming series, which would otherwise have to do on the computer.

Short Supply??

Some people get hit with this technology and portend significant changes in TVs. This indicates that critical sector are very limited possibilities for viewing in three dimensions and that most conventional chains do not allow you to enjoy this technology.

The truth is that many of the brands that sell televisions 3D technology allow today, see all the channels in a different way to what we were used to.

The 3D without glasses is a reality

Three-dimensional technology is applied in LCD televisions have Plasma or LED lighting. Until now, the use of polarized glasses to watch 3D TV was necessary. Not anymore. Although still not emerging in the market, the fact is that it is a step in front of the houses that sell this technology built-in TVs.

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